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Eastern Snaked Necked Tortoise This is the same species as Shelley, who was in my care last year. She was found wandering "the roads" but since I have no actual location other than "the bush this side of Gilgandra" I can't take jer back. I'll let her go in the river when the weather warms a little. She has been hibernating under a pile of shredded newspaper. I haven't named her, but I'm sure someone will think of something clever since she has spent so much time on Page 3 of The Sun.

Wood Ducks Four wood duck ducklings came into my care on Friday, but one died and the other had to be euthanased. It had a broken leg that looked like the femur had split length-ways, and poked through the skin. The duck family was attacked by a dog and the parents flew off, which left the remaining huddle of duckings, well... sitting ducks. After cats had finished there were four of the 12 left, and now there are two. They're eating well when they're not huddled under the light bulb. Soon I'll set up an outside cage so they can get the sun during the day to prevent rickets, but for the next two weeks they're under the bulb. They're not as evil as black bucks, but they're still pretty evil. And disgustingly cute.

Bearded Dragon. The dragon was sunning himself happliy on a road when a car ran over the top of him. The dragon didn't move so he missed all the wheels, but something under the car clipped his head. He has an injury on the nose and under his right eye.I'll take him to the zoovets on Monday for a checkup. Right now he is sunning himself in a box, and expanding his beard at me to be a Big Scary Dragon. Which is cute.
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Shelley is gone. I put her on the boat ramp, she looked at the water for a few minutes, and voom! She was gone.
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Shelley has been declared fit to release. I'll let her go tomorrow.

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The two little ducks are much larger and have been moved to the day cage outside. That cage has a grass floor and shallow water dish for them to bath and sunbake as required because their down is not yet fully waterproof and they get drenched. The UV will do them good, too. They still don't have feathers which means I have to bring them in at night and supply them with a 40W light bulb for heating. They are really wild and panic when anyone goes near, so release will be easy.

Blue Tongue Lizard

He had no injuries so I let him go in the garden. My mix of I Can't Believe It's Not Molluscs is vanishing every day and it's not mice eating it. I had to stop putting bananas into the mix because I can't afford to buy them at the moment.


Her wire frame and super glue supports are rock-hard; there is no movement along the crack in her shell. When her nutral-cure sillicone is fully dry I'll re-introduce her to water so she can eat. Snake-neck tortoises don't have tongues and require their heads to be underwater so they can eat. Next Week she'll get wet and wild, with shredded greens.


Bat is being difficult. He refuses to eat all the meal worms, which means I have to squeeze the creamy wormy goodness out of the bodies and smear it on his face, forcing him to lick himself clean. Enough goes in to keep him alive but he's still thin. I hope soon he'll get a taste for the worms and eat the whole lot. When that happens I can get him to self-feed from a dish and move him into a bat-tent. Right now he's still in the rescue bag.
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I spent an hour this afternoon super-gluing about 10 short lengths of wire over the crack in Shelley's shell. The wires were placed across the crack, and a small blob of sper-glue was applied to the ends, so now she has some heavy reinforcing across the crack without getting glue inside. Then I sealed it all over with neutral cure sillicone. Hopefully the crack will heal now that it's all held rigidly in place and waterproofed. She still needs at least 6 months R&R. She would have had it by now if she hadn't been let go in April.

Turtles really hate being on their back, I can tell you. Poor Shelley had to endure an hour of it.
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Turtle's shell is still a little weak, but it's nothing some new sillicone and 6 month's R&R won't fix. Their metabolism is slow anyway, but the extra cold over winter almost shut down her healing process. The silicone kept her injury clean and dry while she was in the front garden.
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Mum was pottering about in the front garden just now (you didn't think I did all the fowers in the garden, did you?) pulling out weeds and such, when she came across a strange round rock half buried in the dirt. She dug it out and was atounded to discover she was holding a turtle. But not just A turtle; it was Shelley! Looks like she didn't get too far after her escape, and simply found a quiet place to burrow in for the winter. Mum says the silicone is still in place, but the crack in her shell is almost invisible.
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I am so bloody pissed off at the moment. I came home from work to find the cover to Shelley's confinement cage open. We had 4 year old Faith visiting while I was at work, and she wanted to play with the turtle. Mum told her not to, it wasn't a pet, and "Dennis is trying to make it better."

Hours later mum discovered the box open and Shelley gone. Faith had wanted to pat the turtle, and in that typical Kids way got distracted by shiney things, or her hair, or some other bloody thing and ran off to do something else, leaving the box open.

I am So Bloody Cranky right now. I had a rant to write about web comics but I can't even think straight at the moment. I'm going to need a six-pack of polar bears.
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Transmitted Rays: 338174
I-Stack overflows: 2

Radiosity samples calculated: 19985 (4.59 %)
Radiosity samples reused: 415025
Samples (final trace) 19094
Samples (recursion 1) 19985

Smallest Alloc: 18 bytes
Largest Alloc: 38416 bytes
Peak memory used: 28780371 bytes
Total Scene Processing Times
Parse Time: 0 hours 0 minutes 4 seconds (4 seconds)
Photon Time: 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds (0 seconds)
Cloth Time: 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds (0 seconds)
Mechsim Time: 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds (0 seconds)
Render Time: 30 hours 12 minutes 54 seconds (108774 seconds)
Postpr. Time: 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds (0 seconds)
Total Time: 30 hours 12 minutes 58 seconds (108778 seconds)
CPU time used: kernel 30.04 seconds, user 95524.84 seconds, total 95554.88 seconds
Render averaged 0.80 PPS over 76800 pixels

POV-Ray finished

One down, three to go.
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Meet Shelley. She is 20 years old, likes swimming, hiking and playing "Frogger."

Shelley )
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I have an eastern snake-necked turtle. Her name is Shelley. According to the guy who handed her to me, she was playing "Frogger" on the highway and lost. She has a crack on her plastron that runs from one side to the other, and is bleeding a little. The wound isn't gaping or displaced, so all she needs is R&R for 6 weeks and some silicone to keep water and air out. I'll check out the rest of her shell tomorrow for other cracks but so far it looks okay. I'll take her to a vet on Tuesday for some antibiotics and an x-ray.


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