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A walk through The Shambles to York Minster.


Shops and stones )
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A some photos of The Tower Of London, and London. I didn't take many this trip because I took so many on the last trip.

The Tower, and other things )
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Houghton Mill is a water-powered mill still in use. Now, it grinds a few hundred kg of flour per week for local speciality bakeries. In its hey-day in the mid 1800s, the mill had 10 millstones in operation and produced 40 tons of flour per day.

They were doing a grinding day when I visited.

Houghton Mill

Houghton Mill

Wheat, dust, and gears )
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The church at Greensted Ongar

The bell tower was built in 1720. The brick extension was built in 1550. The oaken walls of the nave were built in 845. When you consider a mature oak is 400 to 500 years old, these trees were saplings when the Romans were still in Britain.

Greensted Church

Church, graves, and wooden walls. )
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Framlingham Castle, built 1174, then the current internal buildings were built in the 1600s as a poorhouse. When I visited, an medieval re-enactment society, the Plantagenents, were recreating medieval castle life.

Framlingham Castle

Castle, squires, knights, Ladies, hurdy gurdy man )
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Revisiting the bronze-age site to take more photos. The day was nice, unlike the last time.

Flag Fen as it looked before drainage and agriculture. This is a small patch recreated using local grasses, rushes and plants.
Flag Fen

More Photos )
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A few photos of Peterborough . Many more photos can be found here. I took so many photos that time, I felt I did not need to take more.

Churches, no graves, and a Green Man )
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Papworth St Agnes is a tiny hamlet at the end of a dead-end road. In the middle of what is left of the village green is the old bakehouse, built 1815 to make bread for the locals.

Papworth St Agnes

More photos, including another church )
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One of many wind farms in the UK. This is a small one.




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