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In July last year I bought a GoPro 3+ Black edition so I could play around with time lapses and dash mounts and stuff. About a month ago it Went Wrong, and refused to turn on. I took the camera back to Harvey Norman and asked them to check it out. Their tech couldn't turn it on either, so he sent to back to GoPro. Last week I got a call from GoPro, who told me that the camera really had Gone Wrong, and they were giving me a store credit to pick up a new camera.

Which was nice.

So I went back to Hardly Normal and paid a little more, and picked up a GoPro 4 Silver edition. It has all the whodads of the 3+ Black, PLUS a rear LCD screen so you can see what you are looking at without needing the phone app.

So tonight I tested it.

I need to find somewhere the street light doesn't reach.
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Yesterday I had to do a run to take my cousin Debbie to Sydney Airport for her flight back to Christchurch. One the way down the Blue Mountains were grey and foggy, but on the way back the the road was clear. I thought the fog had lifted, until I caught a glimpse of Jameson Valley. The fog hadn't lifted, it had sunk. A very slight breeze was blowing, causing the fog to behave like a slow-motion lake. I happened to have both Cameras with me, so I ent to Gordong Falls lookout and filmed this time lapse looking towards Echo Point.

More photos to come.


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