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Dad used to be a cook in shearing sheds, so he shares cooking duties with Mum. The only real problem, if it is a problem, is that he never got the hang of cooking for small numbers of people. When he cooks we're eating leftovers for days. Dad has this cooking pot that holds about 5 gallons of water, so when he makes a soup he makes enough to feed a shearing shed's worth of hungry shearers. Mum pours the leftovers into empty ice cream containers and freezes them. It's not unusual to find a frost-covered ice cream container containing a block of green ice, with the words "PEA & HAM, JAN2004" written on the lid.

Dad's pea&ham soup, for [ profile] crossfire_

Ham bones with ham on them, the more meat the better. Dad uses the bones from leg or shoulder ham because he likes the ones with marrow.
2 finely chopped onions, or more. You like onions? Throw them in!
2 cups split green peas. More cups will be required if you use 5 gallons of water like someone I know.
You won't need salt, but you can add a little pepper, garlic and other herbs to taste. A little chilli can give it a nice bite but don't use too much or it'll kill the pea&ham flavours. I prefer no chilli.

Put the ham bones in a large pot and cover them with water, then boil them to death. Seriously. Boil them for HOURS, until the ham has fallen off and all the marrow in the bones is in the water. If you use leg bones you'll have clean tubes of calcium.
Remove the bones and add everything else.
Cook until the peas have broken down and dissolved in the liquid. The water should evapourate so you end up with a thick pea soup with lumps of ham lurking in the murky depths. This is now edible.

When poured into a container for storage in the fridge, the soup will set like gelatine to the point where it can be dumped on a plate and will hold the shape of the container and wobble like jelly. When reheated it turns back into runny soup. Freezes well, keeps for years.
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Is the deep fried Mars Bar not good enough for you? Then you need a Snickers Pie!
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I've just ordered the meat for our christmas lunch. We'll be trying to work through 4kg prawns, 1kg smoked salmon, 10 balmain bugs, 1doz. green-lipped mussels, a chicken and a leg of ham. And rabbit food, of course. Gotta have salad. My brother will be bringing 3doz. oysters from Port Macquarrie with him. Beer will be quaffed. I can see much quaffage in the near future.

I must dig out my beating stick to keep the otters at bay.
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oooh that was a mistake. I had some leftover cheese & pepperoni^3 pizza for breaky. I shouldn't have.

Lunch is a slice of plain white bread with a thin scrape of marg and a thin slice of home-cooked corned beef.

No salt.

No pepper.

Not even any mustard.

I could prolly handle bangers and mash for dinner, but that's still some hours away and I don't have to think about it.

A Telstra rep called in trying to get me to change from Dingoblue as my phone carrier. When he realised he couldn't get me to abandon my current ISP he left. I told him to call back when Telstra get their arse into gear and get ADSL out here. It should be arriving Real Soon Now.

The council sent a 'dog complaint' letter to the office. The company doesn't have a dog, and my dogs don't come to work. I wonder if the neighbour has climbed the fence and started howling in the back yard again.
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Mmmmm! Pizza

Cheese and pepperoni with extra pepperoni and extra extra pepperoni. The bloke at Dominos laughed until I convinced him I was serious.

Once, if anyone had said you *can* have too much pepperoni I would have argued. But now I'm sucking on a mylanta tab and hoping my stomach doesn't do an Alien, and my bum feels like the map on Bonanza.

I don't think I'll do that again for at least a few weeks.


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