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Customer *a Shire Engineer*: We need a new e-stop. The drivers broke the old one.
Me *panicking a bit*: Broke it? What? How? Was there and emergency?
C: No emergency. They were just trying to make the wash go.
Me: ...
Me: Uh... But it's an e-stop.
C: I know.
Me: Uh... But it has a big sign that says 'Emergency stop'
C: Yes. I know.
Me: Um... But...
C: What happens is, they drive in through the exit, and when the wash doesn't start they hit the e-stop. And when it still doesn't start, they hit the e-stop harder, or pull it because it says 'Twist to release.'
Me *weakly*: Do they twist...
C: No.
Me*opens file*: I'm looking at a photo of your wash. The exit has signs that say STOP, EXIT ONLY and NO ENTRY. Or it *had.* Were they removed.
C: No, the drivers drive in through the exit, past the signs that say Stop and No Entry, and when the wash doesn't start, they pound on the emergency stop button labelled 'Emergency Stop.'
Me: Uh...
C: I see you feel my pain.
Me: Do you know what a head-desk is?
C: It's the perfect description of what I've been doing all morning.
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Once again XP at work defeats me. The design PC was connecting to the internet yesterday, and today it doesn't. It can see my PC, and I can see it. Both PCs can print off each other's printers. My PC can see the internet and the router. The other PC can't see either, or send email.

The settings are the same. Turning off the firewall doesn't help.

I checked the filtering on the router, which what caught me last time.

I bang my head on the keyboard.

Nothing helps except for the banging of the head.
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A Rather Large Mining company in a Certain Town in the middle of the state has been ordered by the EPA to install a truchwash, so they've come to us for a quote. Which I gave them. It was less than $100k for a wash that will clean 4m wide Volvo A35D. Their comment on the quote?

"That's a bit much. What if you use a smaller motor? And less concrete. And cut out the two side booms. And what if you cut out the automated system to make it manually operated?"

This company produces 100 metric tons of zinc ore concentrate per week, 30 tonnes of silver ore concentrate per week, and 2 x 5kg gold ingots every 3 days. A pissy <$100k truck wash is "too expensive."
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I am annoyed with the company's web host. Email dropped out yesterday, a trouble ticket was sent, and no word. In the past the problem was fixed with no notification of what they did or what was wrong. I can see in the site cpanel that no one has exceeded the email allowance but I can't do anything about it. I wish the host was here in Aus, so I could call them.

Looks like it's time for DIY company web hosting. [ profile] james_b[ profile] makovette any ideas that would help?
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"No offence intended, but who's that brain-dead fuck you have working at the truck wash?"

Yes, I know who you mean. He's the one who told you to piss off when you arrived un-announced and proceeded to wash your car with our gear without asking, and holding up a road-train that wanted to pay us to get washed. He's the one you threatened with sacking because you're the boss' son. He's the one who told you to do what you like because he doesn't work for your dad, he works for me. He's the one you tell everyone arrives drunk and drinks on the job, both of which are not true. He's the one you threatened to give a black eye to. He's the one I know for sure will not have the black eye, when it come time to hand out black eyes. He will probably also have working knee-caps, too.

Bogans begat bogans. Wealth does not cancel out boganage. Having a wealthy dad does not make you less of a thug, you mean-spirited little prick.
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Prospective Customer: Could you let us use one of your machines on our site for a couple of months, and if we like it we'll buy one?

Me: ...
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Today fo far

Get up at 7.30am, have a coffee and weetbix for breaky.
Look out window and wonder why outside looks fuzzy
Put on glasses and look out window
realize it's foggy.
Get to work. Explain on phone that wash system won't wash if you drive through at 60kph.
Explain to another customer the concept of driving slow
Do remittances
Look out window
Ponder the short stories I can't finish. I can see how they will go but I can't work up the energy to write.
Explain over the phone that 2000 litres/minute spraying on the truck *will* reduce visibility, and explain the concept of driving through in a straight line.
Lunch. Toasted pork cheese & tomato, with a tomato juice to drink and tomato flavoured crisps for later. Have I mentioned I like tomato?
Hint Of The Day: Don't answer the phone with "City Morgue. You kill 'em We chill 'em." when you are expecting a call from the Australian Defence Forces army camp in Bandianna.


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