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My weather station tells me it hit 100F at 3pm. It was a bit hot in the factory today, under that tin roof.
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It's been quite a while since we've seen storms like this.

Mmmmm rainy smells.
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I can hear the near-subsonic rumble of thunder in the distance. BOM has issued a severe storm warning for the north of the state so I'll see the edge of that here.

The Lightning Tracker says:
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No snow. It rained last night instead; an icy, prickly fall that had been frozen until just a few hundred metres above. This morning is a lot warmer too. 2C right now, as opposed to -3C this time yesterday. It might get right up to 8C later.
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It's interesting how a little bit of cool weather causes a rather tired car battery to totally fail. Thank heavens for cheap booster packs.

The weather men are predicting snow falls tomorrow.

Snow falls.

In Dubbo.

Okay. This will be interesting.
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officially it's 38.5C, but that's at the airport. My outside thermometre says it's 40.5C now.
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Cyclone Glenda is hovering between categorys 4 and 5. It'll hit Exmouth and Karratha tonight. It's a bit late in the season to have two big storms like this, but it's not rare.
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Looks like Larry has had it. The cyclone* has already been downgraded to category 2 and tomorrow will be a tropical depression.

*Cyclone = southern hemisphere hurricane, in case you're wondering.
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Cyclone Larry (cat.5, 290kph winds) is battering Innisfail and Cairns right now. The eye passed ove Innisfail ay 8.30 (7.30 EST) Good luck up there.


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