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Almost finished. Day 25 was the last day.

Have some SCIENCE! )
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After the Imperial War Museum, it was time for the Natural History Museum.

Fossils! Bones! Minerals! )
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Rollright Stones, a small, rarely visited Neolithic stone circle in Warwickshire. There are Bronze age megaliths near-by.

The Stones. )
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I have the days wrong. This should be Day 20.

Some photos I took in Bath. there are more on Flickr.

Roman Baths. )
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This was a rather eventful day. The tiny village of Wookey Hole is famous for the Caves.

Wookey Hole Caves )
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And finally, some photos of Bealieu Abey where Lord Montague lives. The National Motor Museum is on the abbey grounds.

Photos of an old house. )
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I still can't write about the job in Muswellbrook for security reasons, so have some photos of an impressive Jacobean house in Essex. Which would not allow photos of the interior for security reasons.

Audley End House )
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And so after Bletchley, I took young Aaron to look at some older technology
Canals and boats )
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Every true geek should know the name Tommy Flowers. We all remember Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, Admiral Grace Hopper, and Alan Turing. Tommy Flowers is the engineer who Alan Turing came to when he needed help building something to decrypt the German codes. Mr Flowers built the *first* programmable computer. By the end of the War he'd built 10 of them.

The National Museum Of Computing has re-built one of the original Colossus computers, using as many original parts and valves as possible.

Bletchley Park
More photos of valvey goodness. )
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And so on day 8 I took Aaron to see Bletchley Park, and had to explain to him the significance of the place.

The Mansion where the Code Breakers worked.
Bletchley Park

Actually, this is where the head of the section and his staff worked. The real code breakers worked out of little pre-fab huts on the grounds.
Bletchley Park
Photos )
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Still at Duxford, more planes, some tanks, and other things.
Even more planes. )


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