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Indian reality TV show 'Roadies' was in town. It's not Survivor or The Amazing Race, but I bet it has a bigger audience than either of those.

I didn't know we had crocodiles in the Macquarie.We must! It's Reality Television.
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QI, hosted by Stephan Fry, with Alan Davis and various other guests. (YouTube, each episode broken into 3 parts.) A panel quiz show where the most interesting answer gets as many points as the correct answer. (Not for the easily offended.)

I like it. It's my early evening watching when nothing is on the telly. I got through series A in a week.

Stephen Fry: Chocolate is quite toxic. For us the lethal dose is about 27 pounds.
Jo Brand: 27 pounds? That's nothing!


Rich Little: What's the national bird of England?
SF: I- I don't know!
Jo Brand: The national bird for women is the thrush.
Alan Davis: And for men it's the cock.
Phil Kay: Cock and thrush? That sounds like the name of a pub.
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You've probably seen this but maybe not in large format, unless you watched it on Telly of course.

via Sydney Morning Herald.
My Favourite Doctors )
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BBC America will start showing Top Gear on Aug 20. Now the Yanks can see whole shows and not little segments on You Tube.

I wonder what series they will start with. The first one we saw here had the Chrysler vs Jaguar vs Monaro segment.
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Douglas Adams' book Last Chance To See is being made into a television series... hosted by Stephen Fry.


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30 minutes of Family Guy = OK.

60 minutes of Family Guy (2 eps back to back) = a bit much

Extra 30 minutes of Family Guy, delaying the start of Stargate by 30 minutes = UNACCEPTABLE. Sheesh. bloody tv stations.
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Ronn Moss is in a new ad for Berri Fruit Juice. (Flash warning) It's amusing. Looks like Berri are following the Daily Fresh "It's just juice" Monster Truck funny ad campaign. It's just juice, so make the ads funny. Ronn Moss entirely failing to sound like an Aussie is funny.
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"His foreign smell is the ultimate aphrodesiac, and the queen can't wait to get his genes off him."

David Attenborough on Naked Mole Rats, Wildlife On One.
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I really like the latest lot of Carlton Draft beer ads.

No Explanations


The Big Ad

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