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Photos of Steam Engines used in NSW, late 50s to early 60s.

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Steam! Old cars! Old motorbikes! Old engines! Lots of photos!

Not as many exhibiters as last year and no steam cars, but the traction engies and vintage car clubs were out in force. Photos to come.

One exhibiter spent 4 years rebuilding an old car into a hot-rod -- ie, buggering up a nice old car -- and drove it to Wellington yesterday to show the car for the first time. He hit a kangaroo. Now one side of his car is all gleaming chrome and highly polished metal, while the other side is... not so nice.
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I have a new toy.

New Toy
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Today was the Wellington Vintage Fair And Swapmeet. I had to attend, of course. Steam Engines! There was onlt one Stanley Steamer this year, but there were a lot more traction engines and a steam roller. The local vintage motor clubs had all their old stationary engines, pumps, and threshing machines out. One bloke had a 1930s kerosene motor running a 110VDC generator, which powered an antique blender he used to crush ice and sell to visitors.

Cars cars cars! MGs, Jaguars, Pontiacs, Chevorlets, Chryslers, Morrises, Fords, Holdens, Dodges, Mustangs, Mini Copers (new ones) Mini Coopers (real ones), Austins, even a Leyland P76. There were hundreds of old, oldish, and a bit old cars. Photos to come.

I am sunburned and happy.


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