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BBC America will start showing Top Gear on Aug 20. Now the Yanks can see whole shows and not little segments on You Tube.

I wonder what series they will start with. The first one we saw here had the Chrysler vs Jaguar vs Monaro segment.
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Erm... yeah. Sorry about that. On Friday I was called to Sydney for an emergency business meeting (and Australia Day), then I was handed a graphics job.

Uncle Rod handed me a 1956 issue of Auto Club News and asked if I could scan it. So I am. The pages need to be cleaned up, then the whole thing saved to PDf and burned to CD. My poor PC doesn't have enough resources to handle 100MB graphics files and do image processing AND render frames. Bugs will have to be delayed.

Auto Club News - 1956 )
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Top Gear's Richard Hammond's crash at 288mph

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Looks like I'm about to buy a second-hand 2003 model Toyota Camry "Sportivo."

It's a white one!

oh, and it has a 3 litre V6, atuo transmission, and some other thingies. The dealer wanted to give me $2,000 for the old camry. I think I'll give that to Mum.

looks like it's time for a ROAD TRIP!
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"There are the tyre warmers with 'Left' and 'Right' on them. The tyres with 'left' go on the left side of the car, and the ones with 'right' go on the right side of the car."
Murray Walker, 11.15am.
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A lot of drivers are spinning off. It's very wet. It always rains in Melbourne.

And, Channel 10 got Murray Walker in to comment on the session. 8)
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Hey Mako! Do you think this is a good use for a LS1 5.7 litre fuel injected Corvette engine?


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