12 May 2007 13:36
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Tomorrow I will be taking Fips here, where he will be kept in a large cage that encircles some logs and a termite nest. He will be kept for a week or two, then the cage will be removed.

I feel very happy.
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On Sunday I take Fips to Orange for his final stage of rehab, prior to his release. He will be going out to a farm with lots of termite nests and a large cage.

The lady who will be caring for him is a wombat rehabber.
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One red-rumped parrot, four willy wagtail babies. The chicks are tiny and I'll be handing them to a baby bird expert tomorrow. Oh, and Fips, of course.

I had a young galah in care for a few days, but when I saw him clinging to the inside of the cage with three wild galahs clinging to the outside, I figured it was time to let him go. So I did. He hopped out, walked around with the others for a few minutes, and they all took off.

The youngest peewee was released a few days ago, which surprised his honey-eater friend. She flew into the empty cage, chirped a few times, then went back into the trees. I thought that was the end of it between them, but they still hang out together. I see them roosting side-by-side, and the honey-eater still begs for peewee food. She loves her feeding station though, and I go through quite a lot of nectar mix. I did see her having a go at bottlebrushes in the garden, which is nice. She can take care of herself.

The smallest peewee is getting used to living outside the cage but being the smallest he is picked-on by the older peewees. The older peewees still don't know what to make of him because the instant they try to assert their authority, they suddeny have a small, grey maniac bouncing off their heads and backs, screaming melodic battle cries in Honeyeater.

I've reduced the amount of food I feed the outside birds and they're learning to fend for themselves. The poor dogs have to put up with five peewees and two magpies stealing their evening meals. This is the wrong sort of fending, of course, but it won't last long.
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White Plumed Honey Eater
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Today I released three magpies and the white-plumed honey eater.

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I opened the peewee's cage this morning. It took them a while to find the door but once one went they others followed. The two older birds have pretty much gone; I see them haning around but they want nothing to do with me. The three younger birds flew up into the chinese elm and settled in. They are still hanging around and demanding food onna stick, but they won't get it unless the fly down to me. Every time I walk outside I get screamed at from on high.

My babies are all growed up!

Now I still have two magpies, a very young peewee and the noisy miner to release.
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Yesterday afternoon these two little horrors were moved to a farm with a big cage and more ducks. The pair weigh 500g each and are fledging, so it's time for their final rehab stage to release. On Sunday the larger one looked at me as I fed them and went "Peep! peep! peep! QUACK! ... Peep?"

My babies are all growed up!
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Shelley is gone. I put her on the boat ramp, she looked at the water for a few minutes, and voom! She was gone.
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Last night I rescued a shingleback lizard. He was moved from a yard because the people were worried the neighbourhood dogs would harm him. I took the lizard to the zoovets for a checkup, and let him go on the edge of town.

Shingleback Lizard

They're also called bog-eye lizards, two-headed lizards (their tails mimic the heads), pineapple lizards, and walking turds.

Shingleback Lizard

He was found by one of the kids, who trod on him in the long grass.

Shingleback Lizard

Crikey! He's a bit stroppy!

I took him out to the zoovets for an xray. While I was there the nurse skipped into the room and said happily "Hey guess what? We have to do the koalas again!" Dr Jodie groaned loudly and Dr Timm sank forward until his head was on the xray plate.

"Oh GOD!" he moaned.

"What's wrong with cute, cuddly koalas?" I asked.

"You don't think they're cute or cuddly when you have to harass them every week," said Timm.

Shingleback Lizard

I want the doctor, to take your picture...

No broken bones, clean bill of health. Back onto the bush for you.
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The concussed kookaburra was bouncing off the cage walls this morning, so I locked us in my room and let him go. He took off immediately, bouncing off walls and wardrobes while I tried to catch him. 15 minutes later I shoved him in the cage, and both of us lay on the floor, panting. 30 minutes ago I took him back to the panelbeaters where he'd been found, and was surprised to see the panel beater still working. He was really happy to see the kookaburra again. When he caught the bird it was dozey and quiet. Now, it bit and snapped at fingers.

I opened my hands. The bird sat there for a moment, then flew straight up to the gumtree in the yard. He looked down at us. "That bird's got a grudge," said the panel beater.

I told him I expected that, and described what I had to go through to force-feed the bird. Kookaburras never eat from a dish.

At that moment a willie-wagtail arrived to chitter madly and expand his eyebrows at the kookaburra, which stopped him glaring at us. Kookaburras may be kingfishers, but for small birds they're as big a predator as crows and butcher birds.

So there you go. Another success, but I think I lost favour points with the Peewees.
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This morning I opened the peewee's cage and let them go. The three little birds wandered around on the lawn for a few minutes, realised there were no bars and flew up into the sycamore. They were joined by the young blackbird I raised and released earlier. He'd hung around, begging for food and generally looking for a way back into the cage with the peewees.

At the moment they're testing their wings and getting used to the sudden space. I expect them to turn up tonight and start making "feed me" noises at me.

The three youngsters (plus one) aren't Made Birds yet. I fully expect the local mafia to start hunting them off soon. I'll provide protection if I can but that will only last for as long as they hang around the back door. After that, they're on their own.

So. Hooray!


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