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Photos of the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Area. There are many more on my Flickr site

Yes, it is hot enough to kill you. Stay on the paths.
Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Area

Sulphur, Steam, Sinter. )
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Almost finished. Day 25 was the last day.

Have some SCIENCE! )
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Rollright Stones, a small, rarely visited Neolithic stone circle in Warwickshire. There are Bronze age megaliths near-by.

The Stones. )
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I have the days wrong. This should be Day 20.

Some photos I took in Bath. there are more on Flickr.

Roman Baths. )
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And finally, some photos of Bealieu Abey where Lord Montague lives. The National Motor Museum is on the abbey grounds.

Photos of an old house. )
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I still can't write about the job in Muswellbrook for security reasons, so have some photos of an impressive Jacobean house in Essex. Which would not allow photos of the interior for security reasons.

Audley End House )
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Did you know they filmed a lot of the ground scenes for the movie Battle Of Britain at Duxford? The production company caused more damage than the Germans ever did.

More photos from Duxford.
More plane photos )
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From Castle Rising it is a short run to Sandringham where the Queen lives. She wasn't in that day, so they let us peasants in. No photos inside, though.

More photos of a large house, some gardens, and a few old cars. )
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After Ely, we drove to Framlingham Castle which looks like this from the air (Googlemaps image). The castle was built some time in the 12th century (records are a bit vague) and upgraded many times over the years.

And now a heap of photos I took.
Lots of photos, part 1 )
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More photos of the Swiss Garden at Shuttleworth

More. MORE! )
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Some time in the late 1800s/ early 1900s, the local Lord visited a garden in Switzerland, and liked it a lot. He had his own Swiss Garden built at Shuttleworth. It's a nice, quiet place on a cold, wet early spring day.

Quiet apart from the peacocks, that is. )
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Gold Wall
The far wall of the Super Pit, Kalgoorlie.

Photos of Perth and Fremantle )
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Bagpipes and Farm Machinery.
Bagpipes and farm machinery
Oh noes! Those poor ladies are being attacked by octopuses!

A rather good idea under the cut. )
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I didn't take as many photos as last time, but the show doesn't really change.

Wood Chopping.

Junior wood choppers
Junior Wood Choppers

More wood chopping. )


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