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The second-smallest peewee died.

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New peewee is about a week older than the others. He is teaching them how to perch and preen, and they young ones are teaching him where the food comes from.
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Three Magpies
One peewee

The smallest peewee died and was replaced by a new magpie.
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Two magpies, 2 hungry hungry peewees.
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The local mafia dropped in with a fledgling peewee and a pair of juvenile magpies. The peewee is a little weak but begging for food, and the 'pies are strong and noisey and scarfing down as much as I can give them.

Life goes on.
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Pwweww died.

Lunch time he looked fine, 3pm he looked a little off, and by 5pm he was sitting on the botton of the cage. I put him under the warm bulb in the nursery box, but he died.

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One red-rumped parrot, four willy wagtail babies. The chicks are tiny and I'll be handing them to a baby bird expert tomorrow. Oh, and Fips, of course.

I had a young galah in care for a few days, but when I saw him clinging to the inside of the cage with three wild galahs clinging to the outside, I figured it was time to let him go. So I did. He hopped out, walked around with the others for a few minutes, and they all took off.

The youngest peewee was released a few days ago, which surprised his honey-eater friend. She flew into the empty cage, chirped a few times, then went back into the trees. I thought that was the end of it between them, but they still hang out together. I see them roosting side-by-side, and the honey-eater still begs for peewee food. She loves her feeding station though, and I go through quite a lot of nectar mix. I did see her having a go at bottlebrushes in the garden, which is nice. She can take care of herself.

The smallest peewee is getting used to living outside the cage but being the smallest he is picked-on by the older peewees. The older peewees still don't know what to make of him because the instant they try to assert their authority, they suddeny have a small, grey maniac bouncing off their heads and backs, screaming melodic battle cries in Honeyeater.

I've reduced the amount of food I feed the outside birds and they're learning to fend for themselves. The poor dogs have to put up with five peewees and two magpies stealing their evening meals. This is the wrong sort of fending, of course, but it won't last long.
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I opened the peewee's cage this morning. It took them a while to find the door but once one went they others followed. The two older birds have pretty much gone; I see them haning around but they want nothing to do with me. The three younger birds flew up into the chinese elm and settled in. They are still hanging around and demanding food onna stick, but they won't get it unless the fly down to me. Every time I walk outside I get screamed at from on high.

My babies are all growed up!

Now I still have two magpies, a very young peewee and the noisy miner to release.
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Noisy Miners

I had to do some cage shuffling today. The larger two of the young peewees went from the medium cage to the large cage with the two oldest peewees, the magpie in the small cage went into the medium cage (with a stop-over in a cardboard box) the smallest peewee and the noisy miner went into the small cage, and the new magpie is in the tiny nursery cage, because he's still too young to perch. The oldest peewee is sitting on the bottom of the large cage Being Grumpy because his personal space has been invaded. The miner and small peewee are snuggling together because it's all strange and scary and We Don't Like It At A--ooh food onna stick! The miner is also learning about eating nectar. He likes the mix a lot but he still won't drink on his own. He's looking a bit shabby because he mistook the nectar dish for the water dish and hopped in for a bath. I had to catch him and hold him under a tap to rinse the sticky gunk out of his feathers. Tomorrow I get a mouse drinker and make a fake flower.
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Peewee chicks (two of the four I have in care) and the noisy miner chick. The noisy miner is older than the peewees and is perching and flapping, but that doesn't strop her from jumping into the nest with the peewees for snuggly warmth. The nursery cage is one of those horrible, tiny cyclindrical jobs people torture canaries in, but it's excellent for chicks. It has 3 doors. When the peewees start to perch I'll move them into a larger cage.
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The Peewee Mafia stopped by last night.


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