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To celebrate Australia day, the local council decided to deal with the Menace Of Peewees by chopping down a tree.

And as is traditional with events like this, Someone has to look after the chicks.


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Peewee has decided he is not a baby and is trying to perch instead of crouching in the nest. He still screams for FOOD THIS INSTANT! I can tell how hungry he is judging by his reaction to Polly: if she flicks an ear and he begs for food, he's very hungry.

Speaking of hungry, Snorkle has put on 5 grams since yesterday which makes him 10g lighter than when I got him. It is quite possible he will survive.
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The Peewee Mafia stopped at the office and left me an offer I couldn't refuse.

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This morning I opened the peewee's cage and let them go. The three little birds wandered around on the lawn for a few minutes, realised there were no bars and flew up into the sycamore. They were joined by the young blackbird I raised and released earlier. He'd hung around, begging for food and generally looking for a way back into the cage with the peewees.

At the moment they're testing their wings and getting used to the sudden space. I expect them to turn up tonight and start making "feed me" noises at me.

The three youngsters (plus one) aren't Made Birds yet. I fully expect the local mafia to start hunting them off soon. I'll provide protection if I can but that will only last for as long as they hang around the back door. After that, they're on their own.

So. Hooray!
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I think the smallest peewee is on the way out.


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