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Parkes Radio Telescope
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"It is 200 feet in diametre, weighs 1000 tons and can aim at any point in the sky."

"What's it doing in a bloody sheep paddock?"
Open Day at The Dish

Many large photos from areas the Public doesn't normally see. )
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This looks like fun: a hovercraft that is also a ground-effects aircraft. I know hovercraft are also GEVs, but they are limited by their cushion height.
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I have fixed the OpenGL problems I was having. It was quite easy: I replaced the new Nvidia 7300 series card with a 5200 series card.

It all works now.
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Parkes Radio Telescope had an open day, so I headed over. I've been there before, of course, but this time they were doing guided tours inside the dish.

I went into the support tower, through the control room, around the azimuth track. under the 450 ton counterweight, into the "cable wrap," down the spiral staicase in the centre of the structure, past the observation room ("This is where the astronomers work. Don't feed them") past the computer room and out again. Photos to come.

I finished the tour with a steak and Guinness pie and capuccino.

Not a bad way to spend a morning.
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I installed a new NVidia 7300 series Geoforce7 video card. Now none of my OpenGL programs run.

Celestia, GoogleEarth, Moray, Blender, and AC3D all barf at start up, leaving me with a windows error message that "something" has gone wrong, and XP wants to phone home with an error report. I'm certain it's a card problem, because Google Earth ran until I switched the display from DirectX to OpenGL.

Hmmm... Much to ponder about this.
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Article on Futuretech and what we have now. mmm robots. The writer mentions borohydryde fuel cells which sound a much better choice over direct H2 fuel cells.

Does anyone out there in Technogeekland have a comparison between H2 cells and borohydride cells?

HPR-3 mk2 Useful humanoid robot that does more than climb stairs and say "Hello."
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The company just bought me this. It does this sort of thing. I expect I could use it to draw Bugs, but $12k of software to draw a web comic is a bit of overkill. Of course, it won't be doing anything on the weekends.
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Open Google Earth, enter 55.957597N, 3.311305W, zoom in.
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What really cheeses me off is that at the moment we have the brightest comet in decades showing bight in the sky, and the fires 80km away make the sky look like blue-tinted milk. Sunsets are spectatular, but hazy and cometless.
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I usually don't get excited about things like iPODS and such, but I like the iPHONE. I can see a lot of use in this thing, especially for the company guys who are on the road all the time and need email/web/phone connections (I'll have to put a filth-filter on Pat's to keep him away from the XXX sites). So I rang Apple Australia to see when they are releasing the iPHONE here.

They're not.

At least, they not releasing the iPHONE until they get assurances from Telstra that the iPHONE will be supported by whatever network is in place - CDMA or 3G - and at the moment Telstra has made no reply apart from telling Apple Aust "We'll look into it."

The bloke I spoke to said he was doubtful Telstra would let another competitor into the market to use the 3G network they sell phones for. "If that's the case," said the fellow at Apple, "Apple will have to set up its own network."

Sign me up.
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Some Windows update or other has decided I don't want to run Zone Alarm firewall and want the XP firewall instead. Zone Alarm autostart was disabled, so I thought "Oh! I'll just uninstall/reinstall ZA and it'll be fine.' NO! Uninstall went fine, but now the installer can't find the truevector service installed components. I can't install Zone Alarm and I am now stuck with an almost non-configurable firewall that doesn't tell me ANYTHING apart from the fact that it's working. I can't trust a firewall like that.
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Do other non-IE users see this page wrong?
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Bletchley Park has rebuilt and commissioned a WW2 Turing Bombe, the electric calculating machine designed by Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman, that decoded the German Enigma codes.
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ADSL connection at the office

Sydney is actually 400km away. I think it's bouncing via Melbourne.

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Congratulations Pluto for being confirmed into the Planet club! And congrats to Charon, UB313 and Ceres on your promotions!

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My new ee-m@il account is battyden AT snoopadubbo DOT com. My old bigpond account will last for a while, until the contract runs out.


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