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Train Smash, for [ profile] odiedragon and [ profile] lonita

Train Smash


1 casserole dish
Some tomatoes
Some onions
Some cheese
Some herbs and stuff like that


Turn the stereo up loud.

Slice up everything. Get it all together in the dish in layers. Start with a layer of onions, then tomatoes, then cheese. Do this until you fill the dish or it's at least an inch thick. You can sprinkle herbs in as you do this, if you want. Put extra cheese on top and bake it in a moderately hot oven until the cheese starts to go brown.

This dish is called "Train Smash" because it looks like one when you put it on plates.

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Today was the Wellington Vintage Fair And Swapmeet. I had to attend, of course. Steam Engines! There was onlt one Stanley Steamer this year, but there were a lot more traction engines and a steam roller. The local vintage motor clubs had all their old stationary engines, pumps, and threshing machines out. One bloke had a 1930s kerosene motor running a 110VDC generator, which powered an antique blender he used to crush ice and sell to visitors.

Cars cars cars! MGs, Jaguars, Pontiacs, Chevorlets, Chryslers, Morrises, Fords, Holdens, Dodges, Mustangs, Mini Copers (new ones) Mini Coopers (real ones), Austins, even a Leyland P76. There were hundreds of old, oldish, and a bit old cars. Photos to come.

I am sunburned and happy.
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Australia 3 vs Japan 1

80 minutes of Aaargh! followed by 10 minutes of WOO HOO! The Japanese team should join their Olympic swimming team. They'd be sure to win gold in diving. And their goal was a real WTF moment; in any other football game a goal is disallowed when the keeper is brought down by attacking players.
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Green lasers! Blue Lasers!


Why would I want a blue laser? Well, if you have to ask you Just Wouldn't Understand.
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Hop Thief Ale

mmmmmmm. *sigh* ahhhhh!
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Not as bland as I though last night. Still, it's very light on taste and has a slightly hoppy, watery aftertaste. It'll be a good Hot Day thirst quencher if the day is Really Hot and the beer is Really Cold. I'll finish the six-pack but I won't be buying this brand again.
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It's better than I Can't Believe It's Not Molluscs, but it's not as good as a Tooheys or VB. I'll try again after I get over the Jim Beam Black Label.
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I have a six-pack of Blue Tongue Lager. (Warning: Flash and pop-up.)

Taste report later.
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Here I am quaffing a few cooling ales, and for no reason at all my boots went wobbly. Why am I wearing wobbly boots? How does that happen? They were ferfectly normal a few minutes ago.
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The bruising is going down, and my left foot has improved to the point where I can stop hobbling limping on both feet. Toes bend normally without pain, so there are no breaks or fractures. The toes on my right foot are a little stiff due to the bruises, but at least the cut has stopped bleeding and is starting to heal. Which is nice.

Some workers from a local windows & doors store turned up yesterday to remount the door and adjusted things to make it easier to close. The door no longer needs some force to close, which is why it derailed the other night.

So where is everyone I rescued? Why aren't they pandering to my needs? Ungrateful bastids.
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Last night as I headed out to my room in the garage, I turned off the lights and shut the back door, which is a sliding sheet of 7'x4' sheet of glass in an aluminium frame. I heard the dreaded crunch as the rollers in the bottom of the door derailed and popped off the track. Suddenly I found myself desperately clinging to a 7'x4' sheet of glass in an aluminium frame to stop it from toppling onto me or falling onto the pavers and breaking.

I struggled to lift it back onto the rails, then the bottom of the frame slipped off the step and fell the 8 inches onto the top of my bare feet, landing squarely on the knuckles of my big toes. I don't remember getting the door off my feet, but I do remember pushing it aside so I could get inside the house and lay down on the carpet. Mum came out to see what the noise was and found me laying down and clutching my head. I'd tried clutching my feet but there was no way I could do that comfortably or without causing more pain, and I had to grab something. My first thought, when I could think again, was that I'd seriouly thought I'd broken something. I looked at the damage.

My left foot is bady bruised in a narrow band right agross the top. My right foot is badly bruised the same way, and has a deep cut that nicked the major vein across the top of the big toe. I could bend my toes without increasing the pain, so nothing was broken, but doing that caused the blood to flow faster. Mum helped me bandage the cut and I went to bed.

I woke this morning to bloody sheets, and bloody marks on the floor from when I went to the toilet at some point. The bleeding had almost stopped by the time I had a shower and breakfast, so I applied some antiseptic cream (I'm allergic to liquid antiseptics like Dettol) and a cotton pad and crepe bandage over the cut.

Right now I'm trying to limp on both legs. Luckily today is quiet and I am spending most of my time at the computer. Even so it bloody hurts. I'm certain if I take my shoe off I'll never get it back on.
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Hey Mako! Do you think this is a good use for a LS1 5.7 litre fuel injected Corvette engine?


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