29 July 2017 05:24
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"Before you make a commitment to someone think: does this person to deserve to be in the 'Personal Life' section of my Wikipedia page?" -- Bolu Babalola, 2017-01-24

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The following poems from the July 4, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my LiveJournal profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods.

There are still verses left in the linkback poems "
Testing the Metal," "Dangerous Refuges," "The Marble and the Sculptor," "Picking Up the Litter," "The Golden Peaches of Peace," "Leaves Upon the Water," "The Quick Brown Fox," "Lead Us in Peace," "We Will Fade into You," and "The Emulsification of Humankind." Linking to this page will reveal new verses in whichever linkback poem you request.

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A Waiting Game
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 1, complete
word count (story only): 1818

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, set in the Mercedes story group, and the Road Trip series, but this is all about the wait for news about Joshua Tull's surgery. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: this story has quite a bit of tension for G Bishop, and the kid blows his swearing filter all to smithereens.

The Shock Room looked like a miniature jungle, dotted with baskets full of building toys, fidget toys, and stuffed animals small enough to cuddle in one hand. In the corner farthest from the door, every pillow, bolster, and beanbag chair had been piled into a mound supporting Cash's back and Kais' head. Both slept hard, the ragged and limp tangle of limbs revealing more than Cash's twitching frown at the corner of his mouth, or the tear tracks still on Kais' cheeks.
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28 July 2017 22:01
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I went on a walk this evening in the twilight and saw the crescent moon, and Jupiter, and a bat!

Read "Moon Ghazals"

28 July 2017 21:01
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 Have a free poetry chapbook called Moon Ghazals.  SF poetry on the moon!  \o/

Captive Audience Pinch Hit!

28 July 2017 20:46
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Captive Audience: A Stockholm/Lima Syndrome Kink Exchange

AO3 | Dreamwidth

Captive Audience exchange for Stockholm and Lima syndrome has a pinch hit looking for a writer, in very small fandoms!

Stories are due September 2 at midnight EDT.

To claim the pinch hit, please comment at the linked post or email the mods at captiveaudienceex@gmail.com.

Thank you!

The_Exile - Mugen Kouro | Infinite Space, StreetPass Quest, Odin Sphere

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28 July 2017 16:53
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Today's gratitudes:

Friends. I'm terrified to admit it, but I have an online community I turn to for support, a family that appreciates me, local folks to hang out with - yay! - which is really strange, interests that help me to interact socially, a fair grasp of what I want and need relationshipwise and a good chunk of it already happening, some peers I like at my job, and a chance at not completely sucking at all of that.

Liminal spaces. I walked across a bridge that is currently closed and a construction site because they are rebuilding it. I stood in the exact middle of the closed highway at the high point of the bridge, in the sun and wind and strangeness of it all, and took pictures of the river and the distant Mt. Hood. I saw exposed metal grids and bizarre pipes and joins being installed and slabs of wood and rusty bolts apparently uninstalled. I collected scraps of metal. I mean to send them, at least some, to [personal profile] kyleri to make shiny things out of them! (If you haven't yet, and you like hand crafted jewelry and/or crap free body products, check out [personal profile] kyleri's website, http://thevagabondtabby.com/ and if you want a picture description for anything I will provide...) I went up and down two sidewalk Bridges to Nowhere littered with sad and awful trash to get between diverging lanes as what seemed like the far side of the bridge, but wasn't, as the wide roadway heaved itself up and over the railroad tracks and fell down into the withering industrial southeast riverside under the hot sun.

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The opportunities I've had of late to geek out, particularly including talking writing with [personal profile] alexseanchai, theology with offline friend ALB, and Magic: the Gathering with my partner S.

Wifi in coffee shops. And iced minty green tea.

Today's discovery

28 July 2017 18:27
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Speaking as someone with a shorter than average "where are they concealing the information I want" fuse, Donald Moffitt's site is reasonably well designed. Unfortunately, one piece of information it shares is that Moffitt died in 2014, which I did not know.
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(Back to the strategy of posting about single, manageable topics. If "tell friends about Readercon!" feels like too much today, I shall instead share a happy discovery.)

I don't know why any of you would remember this, but hey, anyone remember a year ago spring when I admitted to a 24-hour crush on a long-haired actor in a music video*--one with just the right combination of sexy and scary (+ minor chords) to coincide with That Feeling**?

*"I Found" by Amber Run; warning for abduction plotline

**which at this point I should just call "maybe-aura" or something more articulate

Well, last night I was going through some favorited YouTube videos--which I don't remember to do often enough; it was nice--and watched that one some more. It inspired me to try again to find the actor's name. I hadn't had any luck last year, but this time either I did it right or there was new information out there. Lo: His name is Jon Campling.

Screen shot of man with long, gray hair in front of an RV. Image has a Vevo watermark

Knowing a name means being able to check IMDB, which says he's been in a bunch of indie movies and commercials, so there are more things I can check out to enjoy his face. And, hey--turns out I already have, because he was the Christopher Lee-looking Death Eater who stopped the Hogwarts Express train in Deathly Hallows Pt 1! See also this. And I guess Final Fantasy XV players might know him as King Regis?

It also transpires that he's from my extended family's hometown in Hull, England. ♥

Today I learned that he has a Twitter. A quick scroll revealed that a fringe play he's in is coming to NYC in September! So, uh, I'm quite tempted to go see it, since this 24-hour crush doesn't seem to be 24 hours anymore and tickets are all of, appropriately, $24. It doesn't sound like something I'd normally pick out of a lineup, but Campling does play Satan....

NYC friends, does anyone want to see a random off-Broadway play called TRIPPIN on the evening of Saturday 9/9? There's another interesting-looking one that afternoon called MENGELE.

Friday Yardening

28 July 2017 17:09
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Today is gorgeous, sunny and much cooler than it has been.  It's currently 79F which is perfect for yardwork.  

So we went out and picked up a bucket of sticks in the savannah.  Then we cut several small trees' worth of honeysuckle and hauled that to the brush pile.  *gasp pant wheeze* 

We spotted an abandoned bird nest in one bush.  Also I saw a pretty big nest up a tree.  I'm not sure what it is, but it's made of twigs (instead of leaves like a squirrel flet) and it's bigger than most of the songbirds.  Too small for great horned owl or hawk, though.  I am wondering if it might be kestrel or something else in that size range.

Round 2, I went out to spray the stubs of honeysuckle and some poison ivy.  Then I spotted a tree with late mulberries on it and picked those, along with some blackberries.  Finally I trimmed grass around the septic garden, so it actually looks like a garden again and not a giant pile of weeds with a few marigolds in it.

Cicadas are singing.  We got rain last night, everything's still wet, so it's a good mating day for them.  They need soft wet soil to lay their eggs in.  Mosquitoes are out too.  >_<

Assorted Stupidity #103

28 July 2017 21:06
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Posted by Kevin

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  • “A woman has been found guilty of shooting her husband five times in a Michigan murder case apparently witnessed by a parrot.” (BBC). The parrot allegedly later began to repeat the words “Don’t shoot,” which he presumably heard either from the victim or on TV. Prosecutors ultimately decided not to call the parrot to testify.
  • Here’s another example of somebody calling police to report that somebody stole his cocaine. (Miami Herald) That was an especially bad idea here because the person didn’t steal all his cocaine, so there was some left for deputies to notice when they arrived.
  • Snakes in a Can! And presumably on a plane at some point, since they were mailed from Hong Kong. Worst of all, these were live king cobras, which are just as super-deadly as they sound.
  • Same for all poisonous insects, “except scorpions under limited circumstances.” Here are the circumstances. But then you know all about that, because you own a copy of my book. Several, probably.
  • The main thrust of that article, though, was to note a typically crude and juvenile social-media post by Shkreli in which he said that if he’s acquitted, he’ll “get to f___ Lauren Duca.” He won’t, even if he is—Duca said today she stood by her statement in January that she would “rather eat [her] own organs” than go out with him. Anyone who does prefer dating him to self-cannibalism should hurry, because Monday may be the last day he’s available for quite a while.

New Books and ARCs, 7/28/17

28 July 2017 20:54
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Posted by John Scalzi

For your delight, this last weekend of July: A stack of new books and ARCs. Is there anything here that would make it to your own “must read” stack? Tell us in the comments!


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