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Q: What's worn under the kilt? *
Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale

Pours a dark amber colour with a large tan head. A small amount of carbonation is visible.

First Sip: Lots of dark roasted malts with a mild coffee flavour. Extremely mild hops which only appears as an after-taste. Medium mouth-feel with a mild carbonation tingle on the tongue.

Oooh this is a yummy beer. It's not too fizzy, and has a lot of good, solid malts. Even the beer burp is nice. I don't think I could ever grow tired of this brew. It would put hairs on yer sporran.
Badlands Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale
Badlands Brewery, Orange NSW
5.1% alc/vol
500ml bottle

Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale

Same again, sir? Juss kip tha bevvies coomin, ya bastid.

*A: Nothing! It's all in perfect working order.
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All I seem to post at the moment are clouds and beers. I don't have a lot to say about what is happening in my life.

So have some Christmas clouds and relax.

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GoPro Hero 4, 1 frame per second, from the roof of Mum and Dad's house.

0:15 - Contrail of a plane flying from Sydney - Upper Left to Lower Right. I need to check, but it could be QF1 to Heathrow.
4:15 - SPARROW!
4:18 to end - Venus

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Badlands Brewery Pale Ale

Pours a clear golden colour with a foamy, medium sized head. some carbonation is visible in the glass.

First sip: Bready malts and grapefruit citrus up front, with a very long lasting mild hops after-taste. Medium mouth-feel with a slightly foamy carbonation tingle on the tongue.

This is very easy to drink - as in "I'll just have a sip bloody hell where did half the glass go?" easy to drink. It just goes down that easily. This is a nice beer; a good one for hot summer's days while you watch the Cricket*. It's not heavy so wrecking a six pack would be effortless. It is a nice ale.

Badlands Pale Ale
Badlands Brewery, Orange NSW
4.6% alc/vol
330ml bottle

Badlands Brewery Pale Ale

Same again, sir? Yes please.

*Australia vs Pakistan Test Match, Day 1, in case you're wondering.
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Badlands Brewery Darkness

Pours a deep, near opaque red with small tan head. No carbonation is visible.

First sip: Mild, dark malt which fade quickly to leave a lingering coffee and dark chocolate after-taste. Mouth-feel is light to medium, with a faint carbonation tingle on the tongue.

This is a very nice brew. Not as bloody-hell-this-is-nice as the IPA, but still very, very good. It is definitely a winter beer; best supped in front of the fire on a cold day. Not so good on a warm 30 degree November afternoon. When I say "not so good," I would never refuse one if it were offered, even if I was a teenager.

Badlands Brewery Darkness

Darkness London Porter
Badlands Brewery, Orange NSW
4.7% alc/vol
500ml bottle

Badlands Brewery Darkness

Same again, sir? YES!
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Badlands IPA

Pours a slightly cloudy copper colour. The head is beige, large and very foamy Some carbonation is visible.

First sip: BLOODY HELL THAT'S NICE! I mean, very malty, with a faint grapefruit citrus taste. Moderate hops taste which fades to a mild, lingering bitterness. Mouth-feel is medium and creamy, with a mild carbonation tingles on the tongue. Nice beer-burp.

Now. Bloody hell, that's nice. My "first sip" sucked down a quarter of the glass. On the bottle this is labelled as "dangerously drinkable." They are right! This beer is a yummy, yummy beer!

Badlands Brewery is a local brew-pub. It is a part of the Agrestic Cafe and Second Mouse Cheese Company. The cheeses are made from the Little Big Dairy Co whole milk, a Dubbo dairy. The cafe sells food that is mostly sourced locally. [profile] thefoxaroo had a gluten-free vegetarian meal, plus my baked beans. I had the Ploughman's Breakfast - sausage, egg, fried mushrooms, fried tomato, spinach, fried halumi cheese, smashed avocado, baked beans, sour dough toast, and more bacon than I would eat in a week. When it arrived I just stared at it in disbelief, then I gave away the baked beans. It. Was. Awesome. And it defeated me.

Cheese factory, brewery, cafe, less than a 2 hour drive from home. I have found my favouritest place in the world. I hope the other beers I bought are as good as this.

Badlands IPA
Badlands Brewery (no content, under construction)
5.2% alc/vol
330ml bottle

Badlands IPA

Same again sir? Yes! Oh yes! More!
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A run around the Bathurst Miniature Railway Society track. The engine vibrations affected the camera.

A run around Mount Panorama race circuit.

A run around Mt Panorama at race speeds.
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11 November 1914

Western Front

Ypres: Some British trenches penetrated by the Prussian Guard, but recovered.

Southern Front

Serbia: The Serbians in retreat; their headquarters moved from Valyevo to Kraguyevats.

Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres

Mesopotamia: British outposts attacked at Saniya.

Naval and Overseas Operations

H.M.S. "Niger" sunk by German submarine.

11 November 1915

Eastern Front

German retreat near Riga.

Russian victory at Kemmern near Gulf of Riga, co-operation of fleet.

Southern Front

Serbians re-conquer greater part of Kachanik Gorge.

French victory over Bulgarians after three days' fighting from Gradsko to Veles.

Naval and Overseas Operations

Transport "Mercian" attacked by submarine; 103 casualties.

Political, etc.

German mission to Greece.

Greek Chamber dissolved; new elections to be held.

Lord Derby warns unmarried men of compulsion if fail to enlist voluntarily before 30 November.

11 November 1916

Western Front

British bombard Germans on the Ancre; French recapture most of Saillisel, and repulse German attack at Deniecourt.

Eastern Front

Russo-Romanians occupy Topalu (right bank Danube) and advance south.

Southern Front

Serbs seize Polog village.

Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres

British air raid on Beersheba and Maghdaba (100 miles east of Ismailia).

11 November 1917

Western Front

Heavy rain; enemy artillery active against new positions on Passchendaele ridge.

German repulsed at Hartmannsweilerkopf.

Southern Front

From Belluno Austrians advance down the Piave towards Feltre.

They renew attacks on Asiago Plateau without success.

Asiatic and Egyptian Theatres

Turks organise new line of defence covering Jerusalem and Hebron.

Naval and Overseas Operations

In East Africa two British columns meet at Ndonda, Germans flee to hills near Portuguese border.

Political, etc.

Reports from Petrograd of disorder spreading; Kerenski's forces reach Tsarskoe Selo.

11 November 1918

Western Front

British capture Mons before dawn.

Armistice signed at 5 am.  Hostilities on all fronts cease at 11 am.

End of the Battle of the Sambre.

British front extends about 60 miles from near Montbliart (east of Avesnes) to just north of Grammont; held from south to north by Fourth, First, Fifth and Second Armies.  Positions unchanged until 17 November.

Eastern Front

British recognise Lettish Government as independent.

New National Government in Estonia orders general mobilisation.

Polish Directorate established at Warsaw; Regency Council deposed.

Political, etc.

Appeal of Dr. Solf, German Foreign Minister, to President Wilson for mitigation of armistice terms.

Abdication of Grand Dukes of Hesse, Mecklenburg and Saxe-Weimar.  King of Saxony and Grand Duke of Oldenburg dethroned.

German Socialist Coalition Ministry formed.

Message of King George to British Empire.

Great rejoicings in England.

Speech of President Wilson at Washington.

Expulsion of Bolshevist Mission from Switzerland.

Source: Chronology of the War (1914-18, London; copyright expired)

So many dead; some have graves, some are still on the field.

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My biggest problem with the GoPro4 is the limited battery life. I get about 2.5 hours of recording before it goes flat. On Wednesday I bought a AU$40 Comsol 30Wh battery pack. It is designed to charge a mobile phone, but I figured that any thing you can charge by USB would charge from this - a thing such as a GoPro4, for example. Yesterday there was some nice high level cirrus clouds - not the rolling clouds of cumulus but still worth filming - so I gaffa taped the battery pack to the tripod, and mounted the camera in my new skeleton case so I could connect the two. After 4 hours of filming at 1 frame per 2 seconds pointing NNW, I had this:

With bonus sun halo. I planned to film to sunset but the clouds went away and left a boring clear blue sky. I stopped the time lapse at 6pm, about 60 minutes before sunset. You didn't want to see that; it was boring.

The final video took a shade over 2.5GB of the 60GB SD card. At that time lapse rate I could film from sunrise to sunset and still use less than 9GB, and now I know the battery pack will easily power the camera for that long. The downside is, the skeleton case is not waterproof. If a storm rolls in, the video would be really interesting but my camera would get water into it. I need to make some sort weatherproof enclosure with a clear window, which would contain and protect the battery pack, camera, and tripod head.

I think I'll move my film location to the roof of my house. That would clear the surrounding bushes and houses. Note to self: ladder.
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Lexus called me this morning to let me know the replacement parts had arrived. My car is booked in for Wednesday next week. I wonder if they will leave me a little box of chocolates.
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Have a calming afternoon thunderstorm with some hail.

Filmed yesterday at 1f/sec.
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Have some calming clouds.

Looking SSE from my back yard.
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It is confirmed; my CT200h needs a new fuel suction pump cover. Replacement day TBA.
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I received a letter from Lexus telling me there is a recall of all CT200h. They want my car tomorrow to inspect a plate in the fuel tank, and then I'll know it it has to go back for replacement or not. I hope not.

Have a calming sunset time lapse, except for a moment at 1:17. Suddenly, wattle bird.

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Photos of Steam Engines used in NSW, late 50s to early 60s.

3 photos. )
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Spider Photo )

A jumping spider, about 5mm long, on my Key To Erebor prop replica. I hope she finds a mate so I can see if she's a peacock spider.


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